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Put out more flags

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Put out more flags
Sunday 27 - Monday 28 April

Our war-time show was named after a WWI satire novel by Evelyn Waugh that starts by quoting an unspecified Chinese sage:

"A man getting drunk at a farewell party should strike a musical tone, in order to strengthen his spirit... and a drunk military man should order gallons and put out more flags in order to increase his military splendour."

It featured the work of Dylan Rainforth, Eddie Clemens, Dan Arps, Ani O'Neill, Yuk King Tan, Kirsty Cameron, Frank Sandberg, Mary Morrison, Daniel Malone, John Pule, Darren Glass, Tessa Laird, Judy Darragh, Gouke Leek, Denise Kum, Michael Harrison, AD Scheirning, Phil Dadson, Hye Rim Lee, Billy Apple, Ava Seymour, Graeme McFelin, Peter Robinson, Ronnie van Hout, Lisa Reihana, James Pinker, John Tootill, Ann Shelton, Natalie Robertson, Ralph Paine, and Simon Cuming. The show was accompanied by two Micrographs: Matthew Hyland "SAY FEAR'S A MAN'S BEST FRIEND/you add it up it brings you down" and Gwynneth Porter's "National Anaesthetics Day".


Cuckoo is an artists' initiative from Aotearoa/New Zealand, operational since late 2000. We put on shows in other peoples' galleries, or rather, we make people give us their gallery to run our programme in.

An artist-run space without a space, a non-financial organisation, we are an informational entity rather than a room. We've been through all that, tracing our lineage through various old school artist-run spaces and public galleries.

We organise shows according to the time and energy we have for our ideas and the opportunities that come that come up for us to realise them. The Cuckoo core are five artists and writers: Jon Bywater, Judy Darragh, Daniel Malone, Ani O'Neill, and Gwynneth Porter. Our internet and design stuff is looked after by Warren Olds.

A PDF of our documentary publication 01/01-06/03 is available for download here:



For the Next Wave Festival in Melbourne in March 2006 - two projects!

A. Cuckoo presents Richard Maloy

For Cuckoo’s container in the container village, the marvelous Richard Maloy built a nest out of all sorts of things. This was another in his series of welcoming, crafted occupations (tree-hut, kissing booth etc.).

B. Silver Clouds

Cuckoo and the Melbourne artist-run project CLUBSproject came together to present "Silver Clouds". Or more correctly, CLUBS hosted Cuckoo, the good ole brood parasite...

Two things happened:

  • Cuckoo sent a team over and they made work, in a two-a-day relay at the CLUBSproject's Next Wave container.
  • The SCs and CLUBS also presented work at an offsite location on the rooftop of the store Order and Progress.
CLUBS is Michelle Ussher, Cate Consandine, Nadine Christensen, Bianca Hester, Terri Bird, Spiros Panigirakis, Chris Hill, Marcus Keating, Laresa Kosloff and Lizzie Newman.

The Cuckoo Silver Clouds team was Dan Arps, Nick Austin, Fiona Connor, Janet Lilo, Kate Newby, Seung Yul Oh, Sriwhana Spong and Ben Tankard.

Visit the CLUBS website at:

Visit the ORDER + PROGRESS website at:

Visit the NEXTWAVE website at:

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