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Log 15 - the X issue

Millenium Twain - the Spaceplane Equation!!!



The US/International Space Station was ‘seeded’ in December 1982, when, as an intern for the California Senate Joint Committee on Science & Technology, I wrote the establishing legislation. The Senate introduced the legislation in early 1983, and passed it with 119 of 120 votes, one vote shy of unanimous, in late 1983. The program was launched by the federal govt the following January, 1984.

My greatest scientific accomplishment is the demonstration of the nature and structure of the continuum (unified) field of the cosmos. The aenertial aether plenum of experience, most widely (seen and unseen field) known as ‘feeling’ or ‘electromagnetism’ - this aemotional sea of light of all frequencies propagates in a helix, one wave upon another, continuously through all scales of solar systems, galaxies, superclusters and back again.

My demonstration of this is best affirmed in my proof of how matter (and thus charge, mass, energy) is created - in two forms only - in the electron and the proton. The electron is a standing wave, tail in mouth, of one or more helices. i.e. a loop, an infinity figure, etc. [lissajous figures.] [explain ref.]

The superluminal proton topology discovery, for which I will likely be known for thousands of years to come, is a torus, a donut shape, with 137 small hoops (rotating at about 13 times normal lightspeed), going around a big hoop (spinning at about 2.5 times lightspeed). [http://free.freespeech.org/rapture/fireships/FTL.html] [add "see" to this ref.?]

(Please note that matter is rare. Most of the cosmos is aethereal, pre-material, unquantized. Probably 90 percent of it. The ‘unseen’, which can be seen once you accept what it is, and look for it...)

Over the last year my focus has been to expose the covert military black spaceplanes (the blackfleet) which Uncle Scam has been operating for five to six decades... And the blackbases, military space stations, constructed, staffed, and supplied by them. (Anyone doing a keyword search on 'Millennium Twain', B2, Black Aircraft, BlackFleet, FireShips, Secret Aircraft, BlackBases, or similar, can find out a lot. Or write me at <mtwain@ihug.co.nz> for copies of emails on the subject.)

Earth orbit, for the US air industry, has been routinely available ever since it won the world (military-economic) ‘stage’ in the mid-1940s.

Rocket-engine development, so well publicized with the seizure of the German scientists and engineers by America and the Soviets, married conveniently with the high L/D (lift-to-drag) long-range airframes of the US military bombers, and follow-up aerospace industry airliners.

The US 'Space-Race' was NEVER anything more than a fraud, a red-herring:

1) to finance massive nuclear missile campaigns;

2) create a worldwide media myth, a counterintelligence cult of spaceflight (engineering), and space science;

3) cover up the equally massive spaceplane programs, and their infrastructure (blackbase) build up in Earth orbit.

The US Space Shuttle, and subsequent International Space Station Program, are pure counter-intelligence, mere jobs programs, to guarantee that the world media, and hence world community, continues to promote spaceflight one thousand times more expensive than it actually ever was.

The Spaceplane Equation: simply said, to determine when any aircraft in history - any alleged military ‘bomber’ or supersonic transport or airliner model, when any such airframe had the capability to reach Earth orbit - we require two numbers only: the L/D (lift-to-drag) ratio, and its flight range (or time of flight).

This is the equation:

1) take the vehicle's time of flight, and

2) divide by the vehicle's L/D ratio (about 10 or 15)

If the answer is MORE than 17 minutes, 1000 seconds - then that vehicle had (has) orbital capability!

[1000 seconds is time to reach orbit at one gravity, one gee [why is the letter G spelled out here?], thrust.]

For example, the Convair XB-36 bomber, first (publicly) flight tested on 8 August 1946 - had a flight range of 10,000 miles, while carrying 10,000 lbs of ordnance, of bombs; the XB-36 would have taken about thirty hours, assuming a max velocity of about 350 miles/hour, to cover that 10,000 miles conventionally, pushing the air...

Assume a (low) L/D ratio of 10 - which, divided into 30 hours - gives an answer (orbital acceleration fuel capacity) of 3 hours! If that Convair XB-36 had utilized rocket engines, rather than jet engines, and gone straight to orbit, it would have covered the 10,000 miles in less than an hour!! [And it would have done so by thrusting for only 17 minutes, then coasting - leaving 2 hours and 43 minutes fuel (acceleration) capability left over for other missions!!!]

An easier example: a Boeing 737, or 747, airliner flight from Los Angeles to Auckland, New Zealand, flight time is about 18 hours, those airliners have a fairly high L/D, about 14 (twice the Space Shuttle L/D of only 7). Again, take that 18 hours - and divide it by an estimated airliner L/D ratio of 14 - to get one and a quarter hours, 77 minutes.

If our Boeing airliner had been outfitted with rocket engines, rather than jet engines, and we had burnt the fuel 14 times faster (producing one gravity of thrust), as only 17 minutes of one gee acceleration is required to reach orbit - we have an extra hour of full gravity thrust capability remaining!!

We could have used that remaining fuel to rendezvous with any of the low Earth orbit (covert, black, military) space stations, or high or geosynchronous orbit facilities, or gone to the MOON or LaGrange, orbits and back... seriously... trivially... Instead of taking nearly twenty hours to accelerate at a mere 1/14 gee to get to Auckland!!!

This is not to say that we WOULD fly a Boeing 747 to orbit, or any of the Supersonic Transports (STSs), or even the military bombers - not when they are configured for atmospheric flight.

When configured for spaceflight, however, with rocket engines, pressure suits, etc., many many airframes are and were capable of reaching orbit, and WERE manufactured in Black Spaceplane configurations!

The B2 Stealth Bomber program for example, twenty known vehicles, was configured with the (daily!) orbital run as its main mission. Probably 90 percent of B2 (night) flights service Uncle Scam's orbital blackbases - with only about 10 percent of B2 flights required to maintain the cointl - the public visibility - the myth - a coinntl which alleges that atmospheric flight, in-air reconnaissance, and ‘bombing’ runs are their main military mission... [Similar figures apply to the B1 and B1-B vehicles.]

As to the ‘pure black’ vehicles - those airframes which have NEVER been announced in the public sector, in the media, in the university curricula - those vehicles can and do fly 100 percent of their missions in support of the Blackbase ‘space park’...

And all the other covert terrestrial and orbital industries (drugs, ordnance, electronics, nuclear, biologicals, genetics, ‘intelligence’, communication) which they manage best!!

Millenium Twain...

X49 Aeros by M.Twain

Chiroptera (YellowShip)

FireShip Alpha

X47 Rollout, July 2001, Mojave Desert, California


Blended Wing Body Spaceplane

Copia ScramShip, by Massimo

Stealth Bird

X49 StratoLiner by M.Twain

concepts, to convey the experience of X-Craft or X-Drop

concepts, to convey the experience of X-Craft or X-Drop

Chiroptera artwork by John Cook


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