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Log 3  -  - Writing



Issue Three: View contents pageThis issue looks at all kinds of inscription, from cartoons, to love notes, to defaced greenbacks, to ASCII art.

Maria Walls interviews L. Budd, the Melbourne group "Textbase" is profiled, there is even an interview with the late great Kathy Acker conducted shortly before her death by Rubén Reyes. Tessa Laird looks at the paintings of Tony de Lautour, and Cameron Bain continues to wax lyrical. The centrefold is of video stills by Sydney's David Haines. Most notably, Gwyn Porter "interviews" Axl Rose, and what an articulate subject he turns out to be!


Theory and Practice
A page work by Daniel Powell

writing degree zero
Chris Chapman notes the notable

Money Talks
A collection by David Watson

Going Back to Picton
A page work by Paul John

Plastik Dreams
A page work by Warren Olds

A manifesto project by Jennifer Moon

Maria Walls enjoys several some interviews with L.Budd

The De-regulation of Text
D.J.Huppatz and Andrew McQualter describe the Melbourne-based Textbase project

Bubble, Shoes, and writers who will do anything in the whole world but write
Angelique Kasmara shares her prediliction for literary procrastination

J.K's Fancy and C.F's Caprice
A page work by Tony green

French Letters
Tessa Laird looks at the heraldic bent in the recent paintings of Tony de Latour

Be careful, yonderboy
Gwynneth Porter takes notes while Axl Rose waxes lyrical

Stills from a video of the same name by David Haines

A Triptych
Cameron Bain takes us on a tour of the written word, with photographs by David Scott

Letter from Milano
A page work by Giasco Bertoli

Letter from London
A page work by David Carman

Candle in the Wind
A previously unpublished interview with the late Kathy Acker, by Reuben Rees, with Illustration by Kirsty Cameron

Nine and a Half Weeks
Writers round up recent art of interest in the main centres;
Auckland Roundup by Gwynneth Porter
Engaging Practices by Tessa Laird
Keiji Haino by Simon Cuming and Violet Faigan
The Govett Brewster by Jim Speers
Christchurch and Wellington Roundup by Louise Garrett
Dunedin Roundup by Miles Long and Candy West

Young Adult's Pages
Go Ask Anna
A page work by Ann Shelton
A Week of Kindness and the Riddle of The Sphinx
Page works by Megan Dunn with commentary by Robert Hutchinson

Commhnication Skills
An excerpt from Matthew Hyland's Teststrip Micrograph

Poets Corner
Bronny Jagger



Log Illustrated - a publication from the Physics Room