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Issue Four: View contents pageThis issue is dedicated to all those ephemeral art spaces run on love and the smell of an oily rag.

Danny Butt profiles Auckland's Teststrip, Russell Storer looks at Sydney's Side-on, while Melbourne's Grey Area, City Lights and First Floor all come up for discussion. Also, reports from Berlin, Aachen and Tijuana. Auckland's Rm3 and Fiat Lux give themselves a pat on the back, as do Christchurch's High St Project and Dunedin's Honeymoon Suite. And if talking shop gets you down there's plenty of fiction and poetry to cheer you up, not to mention a superb pinup of a lesser known Wellington gallery run entirely in a toilet cubicle.


In Situ
Toby Curnow and Dion Workman present some highlights of their siteless gallery In Situ

Making Space
Professor Tony Green inaugurates the Art History Corner

Danny Butt surfs nostalgia with members of the Teststrip board

Side-on in the City of Greed
Sydney-sider Russell Storer looks at side-on inc.

Frayed Nerves and Boredom's Mantle
Gwynneth Porter examines unsolicited art over a Dunedin 'summer'

Close-up on Melbourne
Bridging Gaps
Bridgid Shadbolt on Construction in Process
Grey Area
Daniel Palmer
City Lights
Lyndal Walker

First Floor
A Melbourne success story

Jeder Mench ein Kunstler
Louise Garrett makes her intrepid way through Berlin back alley
A group of artists from Aachen discuss the meaning of life

An Illusionary Exchange
Joyce Campbell reports on the inSITE artist interventions in Tijuana

Call Waiting of the Living Dead
A page work by Nosferatu

Get on the Bus
Messers Checkley and Mitchell give us a reason to go to rm3

RMS Titanic Museum
David Watson uncovers the Te Papa of Long Island City

High St Project
Christchurch's longest-serving artist-run space celebrates its fifth anniversary

Terrence Handscomb
...makes the 'centre spread'

The elusive Wellington artist-run space

We too are One
Megan Dunn writes a puff piece portrait of an artist-run space

Suite as!
the Honeymooners show us their stylee moves

Plague in this Town
Matthew Hyland on the 'Area of Autonomy'

Letter from London
David Carman on the artist-run space that wasn't

For the Greater Good of Sicilian Pastoral Farmers
Vaughan Gunson makes mafia politics a parable for the artist-run space

Winter Fiction Supplement
Prick Up Your Beaks by Peter Hoar
The End of a Love Affair
by Bob Cardy

Nine and a Half Weeks
Writers round up recent art of interest in the four main centres;
Auckland Roundup by Jon Bywater
Wellington Roundup by Jim Speers
Christchurch Roundup by Jonathan Nicol
Dunedin Roundup by Emma Bugden

Poets' Quarter Acre Corner
Duane Zarakov, Cameron Bain and Juan Rubén Reyes

Untitled (High Rotation)
Chris Chapman, 1998

Some Photos of T-Shirts



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