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Log 9 - Lists

Auckland Roundup
C. & B. Scene


Abtholutely pothitivley AUCKLAND!!!

Wow! The big thmoke hath puffed out two new thmoke ringth, or gallewyth ath we like to call them. Fiat Lukth ith alive and pulthing with new art for the twenty firtht thentuwy. Athough we like the new locathion, one wonders if the firtht floor is the proper playthe for an undergwound gallewy? Dethpite this thetback, Fiat Lukth ith thtill thcorwing pointth.

Woom thwee hath had yet another thuper few monthth and hath gone fwom thtwentgth to thtwength, adding woom two to itth litht of gallewyth. Ekthpanding conthtantwy, we wonder if perhapth the woom thweerth have got a little caught up in the year two thouthand chaoth and mithtaken their gallewy for a cothmic wormhole and are twying to thtart their own univerthal twavelth. Of courth, you didn't hear it fwom uth though! Farm Wun wath the firtht ekthhibithion in woom two, altho fondly known ath Fiat Dueth due to ith cointhidental cheeky blue wallth.

A little thpawo told uth that Peter Urlicth hath been vandilithing ekthpenthive thportth carth on Ponthonby Woad, home of the performanth genre. Further evidenth wethinkth, of We:mikth Magathine's incweathing hold over the art thcene. Peter wath wearing the latetht Thamethi Man thandleth - wook out for documentathion in the forthcoming We:mikth fathion thpwead.

Yeth thath wight kidth, hard dwugth are in! The woumers fwom Auguth'th The Fayth Magathine were wight (ath can be ekthpected) and Auckland'th clubberth have been thwowing back pillth by the dothen to Michael Morleyth Dithco Hell. Of courthe, hand in hand with dwugth cometh glamour - and who ith more glamouith than Mr Andy Warhol himthelf? We don't know, why don't you athk Mikey Havoc after heth done been thick in hith hand bag. A little thpawo told uth that the aformmenthiond deep houth diva will be cuwating the kwithmith woom thwee fundwaither theedee.

Andy Warhol Kylie Bax
Andy Warhol and Kylie Bax

Whatth happening at Artthpaythe? Well that cheeky little thpawo ith back on our tholder! Word has it famouth eth-pat Kylie Bakth ith thoon to be ekthibiting her champion horthes at artpaythe. When we thpoke to Kylie thee thaid that after theeing the lofthth of New York the only playthe thee would conthider ekthibiting them at would be artthpaythe, "itth ath big ath a barn!' thee thaid.

What doeth the future hold for The Thity of Thailth, now that über thilylith fathion publicaithion Wallpaper* hath been and now gone? Auckland continueth to put itthelf on the internathional map by opening itth doorth to foweigneth like Jan Van Der Ploeg who'th wethent thow at woom thwee wath a weal gwipper. A thertain member of the woom thwee click wath thnapped on hith walk to Global Thandwich to pwocure a vewy thubthtandard thmocked chicken and (ahem) cheddar thalad by Mr Ploeg himthelf, leaving the thouthand dollarth worth of painting at wisk. Woom thwee weps athure us they have theen to it that this member hath been theverly dithaplined!

New Zealand'th DoggFather of Tagging, Daniel Malone ith back from hith artitht in rethidenthy on Aucklandth ill thtreeth and teamed up with L L.Cool Budd for thomething of a phenomenal thow at Ivan Anthony. Good to thee commerthial pwetherth have not thtopped dealeth dealin' and the playth playin'.

Thee you on the podiumth and wemember, you didn't hear it fwom uth.

C. & B. Scene
Summer 2000



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