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Alex Gawronski - Blizzard
18 July - 11 August 2001

Sydney based artist and writer Alex Gawronski is one of the co-founders and administrators of artist run space Blaugrau, a year long project dedicated to promoting work which is 'explorative, experimental, multi-dimensional, political, playful and open-ended'.

Blizzard, Alex's work for Kiosk, draws on pun and play in a work which separates the visual aspect of sound from it's aural manifestion. From outside we hear a blizzard endlessly echoing from within the KIOSK, and inside the kiosk itself we see the imagery of the blizzard. Ironically this sound is as familiar to us from cinema and sound-effect recordings as it is from the experience of actual weather. In this instance KIOSK becomes a type of enclosed and artificial micro-climate playfully 'imitating,' precluding or sharply contrasing with prevailing climatic conditions.

Through the windows of Kiosk we view a series of speakers arranged formally in organic formations as though they were the end result of a naturally occuring corrosive process. The speakers themselves are silent yet we 'read' the sound of the blizzard as if it were isssuing directly from them.

Alex Gawronski's exhibition in Kiosk is part of The Physics Room curated series.

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