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David Hatcher - The Jitters
Acrylic on MDF, 61 x 30 x 24 cm
31 march - 26 April 2001

"Der Zustand der Paranoia wird erreicht, wenn plötzlich alles, was man wahrnimmt, zueinander passt."

Where the romantics sought inspiration and transcendence, David Hatcher sees the spooky might of the transnational powers that be. Continuing a series of objects, drawings and videos mooting a nervous aesthetics of economic space, Hatcher's latest metaphysical intervention warps the Southern Alps into an index of the recent performance of New Zealand's blue chip corporations. Part supernatural gesture, part sublime folly, the conflation of mountain ranges with markets blurs eons and split seconds to posit an erratic image of time. Smurf-toned and drastically miniaturised, the work references comic book displays of power and transformation.

David Hatcher lives and works in Berlin, where he recently completed a DAAD post-graduate scholarship with Prof. Katharina Sieverding at the Hochschule der Künste.

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