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Ani O'Neill
14 December 2001 - 11 January 2002

In this modern world of technology and accessories, gadgets and gidgets, it's good to know some things remain the same. In the Kiosk for this merry season, Ani O'Neill presents the best present of all - a crocheted cell phone cover, for the Manager with everything. But wait - there's more! With the addition of a couple of black sparkling eyes, and with its' antenna transformed into a jutting and hungry tongue, suddenly the cell phone becomes a snake! Lusciously colored and joyfully aestheticised, Ani O'Neill incorporates the sometimes diverse cultural mix of her dual Rarotongan and New Zealand cultural heritage into her practice. Playful, seductive, and defiantly user-friendly, Ani's work draws on the traditional handcrafts and arts of crochet, tivaevae, and lei-making, laced with art-historical, pop cultural, and personal histories.

Ani O'Neill's exhibition in Kiosk is part of The Physics Room curated series.

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