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Ava Seymour - Broken Apple
15 June - 5 July 2001
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"Dating back to the time of Adam and Eve, the apple has been a symbol of temptation and sin. The original sin was in fact the consumption of the apple from the tree ov knowledge. The consequence was the expulsion from the garden ov Eden, Adam and Eve were banished in guilt and shame, left to realize their own mortality. The virtuous non-colour white we associate with purity, peace and spiritual enlightenment, REd signifies BLood, fury, lust.

Incorporating these 3 elements I have produced my "broken apple", Drawing reference from the beginning ov time I have produced a contemporary art wk so incongruous that it contradicts all logic.

Perhaps its about an act ov betrayal, decaying health ,a broken heart, The themes are universal, I wish " we"... of all race, sex, colour, religion can relate some carnal experience to this image. *This broken apple suffers no pain.

- Ava Seymour

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