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Maria Walls - G.C. Sample# 23156
September 4 - September 27

Freelance designer and multi-media artist Maria Walls is currently based in Auckland. Glamorous, seductive and compelling, her work often draws on, and plays with, the interaction between art and design, creator and consumer, and public and private.

At first glance Maria seems to have given us 'nothing' in the Kiosk this month, with the display case empty but for the artists name in vinyl print, but on approaching the space one begins to hear her sound piece, a strange, half electronic, half organic looped recording. Maria has described this work as "what things might sound like from within the Kiosk...of course this is dramatised and repetitive!" conjuring up an image of oneself, squashed into the kiosk, hearing the muffled echoes of life in the street outside: car sounds, people talking, footsteps, filtered through bullet-proof glass and steel.

Teasingly elusive, and willfully perverse, G.C. Sample# 23156 explores viewers expectations in ways which are subtle yet challenging.

Maria Wall's exhibition in Kiosk is part of The Physics Room curated series.

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