Project description

Kristin Perrett - To Catch a Thief
5 July - 9 August 2002

Claus Oldenburg sculpture, Steve McQueen in The Getaway, guns & robbers and 1970's embroidered garments. This eclectic collection formed the inspiration to the detailed and intricate designs in this suite of guns.

The title To Catch a Thief refers to a 1955 Alfred Hitchcock movie, starring Cary Grant and Grace Kelly. The hero (a falsely-accused former cat burglar) has to catch the real cat burglar (a 'she-cat') before he himself is caught, while the heroine is on a quest to 'catch' him - first as the burglar, and then as a husband.

To Catch a Thief is like the film in that it is loaded with double meanings and double chase. The cool, sleek, metallic surface of an M3 shotgun is transformed into a floppy, hand stitched, stuffed replica - the end result being a humorous, satirical play on the "jewels" of the big boy's toy's.

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