Rose Anne McGreevy



1986 'Drawing' City Arts Gallery, London, England.

"Building my mother's house in the dark"

Chisenhale Arts Space, London, England.

1990 "She aimed to please" First Draft Gallery, Sydney, Australia."Does it hurt?" Watermans gallery, London. England.

"Stinking - isn't it?" Small Mansions Gallery. London, England.

1992 "Sally only wanted to be happy" Selenium Gallery, Sydney, Australia.

"Dog-collar" & "Three of a Kind - Father, Son and Holy Ghost" Installations, First Draft Gallery, Sydney, Australia.

1993 Video Installation. Performance Space Gallery, Sydney, Australia.

1974 - 1975 Arts Foundation Course, Ulster Polytechnic.

1975 - 1978 B.A. Hons. Degree in Fine Art, Ulster University.

1978 -1979 M.A. Sculpture. Chelsea School of Art, London.

1981 - 1982 Part-time teaching Sydney College of the Arts.

1982 - 1983 Lecturing and exhibiting in New York.

Part-time lecturing at University of Ulster and Limerick College of the Arts.

Artist - in - Residence, Crescent Arts Centre, Belfast.

1985 - 1990

Regular Part-time Chelsea School of Art.

Associate Lecturship, Middlesex Polytechnic.

Regular Part-time Lecturer, Royal College of Art.

Regular Visiting Lecturer, Royal Academy of the Arts, London.

1991 - Residing in Sydney.

1991 - 1994 Part-time Lecturer at City Arts, U.N.S.W.

1991 - 1995 Founding member of Catacombs Gallery, Sydney.



1985 Arts Council Award, N.Ireland

1988 G.L.A. Award, London, England.

1990 G.L.A. Award, London, England.


1983 - 1985 Director, Art & Research Exchange, Belfast.

1986 - 1990 Founding member of the Irish Women's Artists' Group, London.

1992 - 1995 Group-editor and producer of Feminist Magazine L.N

1996 ViaductProject Catalogue


1985 Circa, Ireland.

1990 F.A.N., Sydney, Australia.

1990 Sydney Morning Herald, Nov.

1991 Eyeline, Brisbane.

F.A.N., London, England.

1992 L.N. Sydney, issue 34.

1993 Arts work, Sydney, Australia.

1998 Sydney Morning Herald, Galleries Bruce James April 21st



1983 "Not for Me" said the young Alice,. Visitors Centre, Enniskillen, N.Ireland.

"One thing about being old..." she said, Performance/installation.

Sheffield Art Centre and Huddersfield Museum England.

1984 "20 Drawings'' Grapevine Gallery, Dublin, Ireland.

"Lack of rites = Lack of rights" A.R.E.Gallery, Belfast, N. Ireland.

'Beatitude' Crescent Arts Centre, Belfast, N.Ireland.

'Waiting' Brixton Art gallery, London. England.





1977 R.O.S.C. Open Air Exhibition, Dublin, Ireland.

1978 Performance Space, Dublin, Ireland.

1981 James Harvey Gallery, Sydney, Australia.

Contemporary Art Institute, Brisbane, Australia.

1982 Women's Works Show, Atlas House Studios, Sydney.

Christchurch Factory Gallery, New Zealand.

1985 "Big Drawings" Radio City Gallery, Canterbury. England.

1987 "Wish you were here" Installation, Irish Centre gallery, London.

1988 "Prism 1" Brixton Art Gallery, London, England.

"Prism 2" Featherstone Street Gallery, London, England.

1989 Cafe Gallery by the Pool, Southwark, London, England.

"Reclaim the City" Artworks", Glasgow Arts Festival, Scotland.

"Photography Works" Small Mansions Gallery, London, England.

1991 "Untitled" The Performance Space Gallery, Sydney, Australia.

1994 'Another City' - travelling exhibition which toured Melbourne Canberra, Lismore, Sydney, and Townsville

Australian Embassy, Singapore

Viaduct Project Open-air sculpture/installation. Oct/Nov. 1995, Sydney.

1996 Pendulum Gallery. Sydney.

Node gallery, The Internet.

Field of Dreams, Native Title Now . S.H. Ervin Gallery, Sydney.


WOM Blackwattle Gallery Sydney

Co-existznce AAAR Hogarth Gallery, Paddington

The Origin of Ideas, South Gallery, Sydney

Gallery 19, Sydney.