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With the aim of providing support and attention to New Zealand’s early-mid career artists working in experimental and contemporary fields, the Physics Room decided on the presentation of a series of solo shows grouping together artists making exciting new work. With a curatorial policy that allows for both active programming and an open door on proposals, the Physics Room is able to access the large pool of post emergent artists developing their practice around the country.

From February 02 to February 03, HARDSELL!! provided the context for the Physics Room to present some of the best new work by artists currently making a break on the national scene. The series gave these artists the scope to work on a concerted solo project with enough lead-in time to develop major new works. Many took the chance to experiment and move their practice in new directions.

Without imposing a curatorial theme on the series, the HARDSELL!! brief appeared open-ended, yet the selection of artists produced a series of exhibitions with endless parallels and points of reference becoming more and more apparent as the series went on. In hindsight the series becomes a synopsis portraying many of the concerns and patterns prevalent in contemporary art culture here, now.

With up to 20 projects happening in a Physics Room year, we are aware of the need for lasting quality documentation of artists’ work to become part of the ongoing cultural archive. So we are pleased to offer this catalogue as a permanent record, to document, promote and add to the range of critical contemporary art writing available. If you like it, please buy it.
Rosemary Forde

This essay originally appeared in

HARDSELL - the Catalogue
Published March 2003
Wholesale: $6.00; Retail: $10.00
ISBN# 0-9582359-4-5
16 page booklet plus set of 8 postcards

The HARDSELL!! series:

Juan Rubén Reyes
Dougals Rex Kelaher
Mark Harvey
Susan Ballard
Hannah & Aaron Beehre
Georgiana Morrison
Katharina Jaeger
Kathleen Peacock

HARDSELL!! and all other Physics Room publications are available from the gallery at 209 Tuam St in Christchurch, Parsons Bookshop in Auckland, or by mail order.

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