Log Illustrated - a publication from the Physics RoomLog 3  -  - Writing
Log 3  -  - Writing

Keiji Haino
as seen by simon cuming on 12/11/97 @ herzog


due to economic reasons or whatever i didn't go to the first night of the performance i guess what i'd figured that excessive feedback and guitar manipulation was something i could practise within the privacy of my own home, amongst consenting adults, so i did, however when the night of the second performance rolled on i duly began the preparations to experience the anticipated aural onslaught involving keiji hainos percussive wizardry.

the support bands having played, keijisan's roadie mc leonard announced the performance would initially be very quiet so to shut up. nice ruse because my peeled ears suddenly encountered penetration (hey i'm just a modern guy) that had never before been so sharp.

in the dark the silhouette of the sonic wizard could barely be discerned but his weapons for conjuring forth huge demonic megaliths of sound flashed their led indicators intermittently. the sound was physical and as though wielding some sonic sabre the dark warrior proceeded to send clashing metallic shards against the concrete walls.

Keiji in action

yielding to the attack i shut my eyes and i resigned myself to the strategy of the music. bad move, as keijisan sensed my vulnerability he suddenly sliced my cranium razor clean, reached into the cavity and, grabbing my cortex pulled me up at least six inches.

i opened my eyes to quickly gain some sense of reality as i had not had a similar experience before without the aid of strong hallucinogenic chemicals and wu shu exercise.

knowing this sound-enforcement samurai would be relentless i tried to battle on but the looming meta demons were out to envelop me. i began to undergo a mild sense of synaesthesia not unlike the demonic hallucination encountered at the sceptics gig once while indulging in aforementioned pharmaceutical treats. suddenly i realised that i was a little more out of control than what i would care to be, despite what i considered to be paced imbibement levels. physical waves of considerable force seemed to dddevelop at my feet and shoot up my spine like some berserk breakdance move. the sound washed over me like "going over the falls" at piha and i blacked out...

next thing, i'm being helped out the venue door by my friend. the nearest seat on the street happened to be by an odoriferous takeaway caravan but i ain't keen on moving too far so it suffices. i give them my pseudomedical appraisal... shit, i think i had a fit. it was the strangest physiological experience i have ever had.

Keiji in action

five minutes later i again entered the venue as that harpy howled guttural utterances and as a finale chased all vestiges of the spirits away with crashing oscillating cymbals.

ultimately this manga dude was like some sonic shaman. keiji haino takes your temporal nodes, chops them like fugu and feeds them back to their now zombiotic host.



Log Illustrated - a publication from the Physics Room